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Patricia’s path has led her to perform with songwriter extraordinaire the late Jim Caverhill, girl rock band Notre Damn, and noted folk performer Keith McKie with the band Kensington Market. This list is far from exhaustive, with the full role-call featuring a host of other respected musicians.

Patricia has, over time, kept a duo or trio act playing locally. She has written musical plays, and performed in various productions including the musical narration The Lady of the Swamp. This production was selected for the final short list in the 2008 Pratt Prize for Music Theatre.

Patricia loves to paint and draw, has hosted exhibitions in her own art gallery, and runs a picture framing business from her home.

EVENT: Lady of the Swamp
VENUE: Eildon House – Alliance Francaise de melbourne
ADDRESS: 51 Grey St., St Kilda
DATE: Saturday 6th October 2018
TIME: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Proudly in Association with
St Kilda Tourism

Lady of the Swamp

This show is based on a celebrated Australian story documented in two novels; “The Lady of the Swamp” and “Swamp, Who Murdered Margaret Clement”. Four books on white collar fraud and unsolved Murders include this story. This story comes to light as the Clement sisters showed stoic levels of courage as it involves corruption from the top of Australian society, alienation of rights and ultimately the suspicious death of the last surviving sister.

This story has the ascension grandeur, London society through wealth, their tragic demise, keeping an audience totally involved. There is also the First World Wars effect on them in their community and their immediate family. The scenery ranges from beautiful plentiful Gippsland to a cold windy penniless swamp. The story yet another of harsh truthful realities that we can all learn from.

The sisters with their brother as manger buy Tullarree a huge grazing property on the banks of the Tarwin River in 1907. All went excessively well until their brother goes to fight in The Great War.The sisters hire a local who knows the sisters travel and party and would not keep watch over their investment. He robs the Clement sisters blind. Bankers now keep a careful eye on Tullaree as for the first time they need a loan. Their lawyer and their bankers are all one family. Reflecting the role of women in society 100 years ago, women in business, the sisters are kept in the dark of the sale of Tullaree.

Tullaree being sold to their lawyer and bankers,for the exact amount of the loan to the last penny. 25% of the property worth. Men were dominating all areas of  civil and legal society. The sisters court case suing the Australian bank was never heard in twenty -two years.

1934 arrives with a huge flood the biggest in 100 years. The sisters have been living in Tullaree poverty,for the last 12 years,they write letters endlessly to have their case heard.

The six drains that kept the water off the property flowing back to the Tarwin river are blocked and a huge five mile swamp now surrounds Tullaree. Margaret the Clement the stronger of the two sisters swims and walks a 14 mile journey to get their supplies until the day she goes missing in 1954. It is believed a man Stan Livingston probably murdered her and ends up owning Tullaree.