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ADDRESS: 168 Acland St,
DATE: Sunday 30th September
TIME: 3:30 pm for 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
COST: $20:00
TICKETING: https://www.trybooking.com/XZSR

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Dames versus Dicks Great Crime Writing Debate – Who does it Better?

Sisters in Crime Australia@St Kilda Writers Week

The Dames and The Dicks argue each other’s case for Who does it better?, the question that lies at the criminal heart of the battle of the sexes.

Robert Gott, the Dicks’ lead detective, says: “Dames do it better because dames haven’t got anything better to do.”

Vikki Petraitis, the Dames’ lead detective, says: “Everyone knows that you have to have balls to write great crime. Women’s maternal impulses always kick in – they can’t go to the dark side.”

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Lindy Cameron 2018

Prosecutor Lindy Cameron wears many hats: a purple velvet beanie to keep ideas under control while crime writing; a top hat to store all the craziness of being an independent publisher; and a captain’s cap to command the Sisters on the high seas as President of Sisters in Crime Australia.



Vikki Petraitis author photo 1MG

Vikki Petraitis is a true crime author who just hopes she has enough talent as a comic debater to beat the men while arguing that men do it better. NB: beat as in win. There will be no physical violence at the debate.


Narrelle M Harris

Narrelle M Harris writes crime, fantasy and romance, often all at once because she is a woman who wants it all, or is perhaps only easily bored. She writes both straight and queer Holmesian fiction as well. See previous explanations. Is she mentally agile enough to argue that men are better crime writers? That’s elementary.


Angela Savage 2014

Angela Savage, the award-winning author of the Jayne Keeley PI series, enjoys procrastibaking and knitting endangered species. She is Director of Writers Victoria, a job that sounds much better paid than it is, and recently completed her PhD in Creative Writing, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to be known as Doctor Savage. When her partner gets his PhD next year, she will fulfil another lifelong ambition – to be a doctor’s wife.



Robert Gott 2018

Robert Gott writes crime novels. If he were a woman, they might be better. Obviously. I mean seriously. Obviously. Why are we even talking about this? He was also born in Queensland so, you know, case closed.


Andrew Nette 2018

Andrew Nette is a crime fiction writer and pulp scholar. His latest crime novel is about an alcoholic, small town ex-private detective who comes out of retirement for one last case, when all of literary Melbourne mysteriously goes missing.


Hugh McGinlay

Hugh McGinlay ran one of the worst private detective agencies ever known in the early noughties. He never got a case, which was a shame, because he had the two things he needed: a love of amber fluids, and a female sidekick who was smarter than he was. Retired from this, he now writes crime fiction. His lead character, Catherine Kint, has a love of clear fluids (amongst others) and is smarter than he is. A pattern emerges, right?


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