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Wilding The Travel Writer

VENUE: St Hotel
ADDRESS: 54Fitzroy St, St Kilda
DATE: Wednesday 3rd October 2018
TIME: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
BOOKING: https://www.trybooking.com/426120

Growing wild


Michael Wilding is a Sydney-based acadameic/historian/novelist. He won a major literary prize for his work, “WILD BLEAK BOHEMIA“, an historical document about the decadent writers in Melbourne’s colourful past. FROM THE NEWTOWN REVIEW OF BOOKS: “This book offers an extraordinarily rich and detailed picture of three literary lives and of 19th-century Victoria.

Wild Bleak Bohemia is a remarkable exercise in Australian literary history and it is hard to think of another work which compares with it in scope and depth. It revolves around the meeting in Melbourne of Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall in 1868-70.” And did they live life.

Michael is also a literary author with many novels to his credit yet the last several years, Michael Widing turned to the sometimes playful genre of mystery/crime fiction and his crime PI hero is a guy named Plant. His latest Plant novel, “The Travel Writer” is planned to be launched at the event. Michael will read from his work, answer questions about many aspects of his work, and perhaps Melbourne writer Colin Talbot (gonzo reporter, idiot and novelist)

Order Michael Wilding’s novels In the Valley of the Weed, Little Demon, and (forthcoming September 2018) The Travel Writer at www.scholarly.info

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Michael Wilding
has written and edited some fifty books including the novels Living Together, The Short Story Embassy, Pacific Highway, Wildest Dreams, Academia Nuts, Wild Amazement and Superfluous Men. Most recent are his Plant private eye novels, The Prisoner of Mount Warning, The Magic of It, Asian Dawn, In the Valley of the Weed, Little Demon and The Travel Writer.

His stories, essays and reviews have appeared in the New Yorker, London Magazine, Harpers, London Review of Books, New Statesman, The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald. His stories are collected in This is For You, Great Climate, Her Most Exciting Sexual Experience, The Man of Slow Feeling, and Under Saturn. Essay collections include Political Fictions, Dragons Teeth, and Studies in Classic Australian Fiction.

He is author of three documentary studies, The Paraguayan Experiment, about the New Australia settlement, Raising Spirits, Making Gold & Swapping Wives: The True Adventures of Dr John Dee & Sir Edward Kelly, and Wild Bleak Bohemia: Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and Henry Kendall, which won the Prime Minister’s award and the Colin Roderick Award.

He co-edited the ground breaking magazine Tabloid Story, and co-founded the publishing houses of Wild & Woolley and Paperbark Press, which he recalls in the memoirs Wild & Woolley and Growing Wild.

He has taught English and Australian literature and creative writing at the Universities of California, Birmingham and Sydney, where he is now Emeritus Professor. He is a former Cosmopolitan Bachelor of the month, Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and Chair of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre.


Colin Talbot was raised in the shadows of the Flinders Ranges and thanks Christ for that happy accident (or however unlikely, ‘designed’ life. The rest of Colin’s life has been chequered, so to speak. A Schoolboy Chess Champion. Colin was raised by his Grandparents. He attended Port Pirie High School, escaped teaching and thinking he wanted to e a writer, fell into journalism which was simply a wonder. Newspaper work brought me to Melbourne, then Sydney where I met the new literary figures and changed my view of what writing and reading was. Back to Melbourne, the plan to become as fiction writer, and to design a new. small, exciting publishing company. And so we made Outback Press (with Morry Schwartz) which introduced many new, lasting writers.

Colin published two novels in the very early 70s (“Massive Road Trauma”  the first, and “Sweethearts“, and co-edited a book on Australian poetry. He wrote and directed the feature film made of the novel “Sweethearts” and is working on a script for that first novel way back from 1975.

Since the 1990’s Colin has written three novels in a ‘failed writer in the crime world meets femme fatale and – uh-oh!’ The last novels are “The Zen Detective“. “The Country Jesus” and “The Sweet Myst

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