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writing your family history 1 banner


St Kilda Writers Centre

EVENT: Writing Your Family History
VENUE: The Laneway Art Space – St Kilda Writers’ Centre
ADDRESS: 148A Barkly St, St Kilda
DATE: Wednesday 3rd October
TIME: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
COST: $30:00

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‘I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything and that you have truly inspired me to go on further in what I truly love. It’s been eye opening for me, and you’ve made me believe I’m more than what I was.’ – Participant, Monday Night Creative Writing Classes, Foundation Series 1

Are you a budding researcher? A student of history? Do you love exploring history? Local history? Do you have an (un)healthy addiction to hours and hours of public record searches? And when you go to sleep, do you dream of discovering where you came from and who your ancestors were on ancestry.com?

In our Living History class, we unlock your creativity and your origins, and explore the complex layers of your individual ancestry. For this class, we will be joined by award-winning researcher, writer and curator – Clunie Walker. Clunie will talk about her research project that evolved into one of The Laneway Artspace’s most beloved, popular and award-winning exhibitions – ‘The Forgotten Factory – The history of G&E Rodd.’

Over just under a year, Clunie delved tirelessly into the forgotten history of St Kilda, and discovered an extraordinary story of innovation, entrepreneurialism, craftsmanship, and a saga that would encompass two World Wars, The Great Depression, and the journey of a young family emigrating first to New Zealand, and then Australia.

In 1919, George Rodd and his brother Ernest created G&E Rodd – a small enterprise that would soon explode into the Rodd Silverware empire spanning over half a century. Their factory complex, located on the site of The Laneway Artspace and the surrounding buildings, was once the might of the St Kilda workforce. Its iconic sign, once an integral part of the Barkly Street streetscape, was all but forgotten.

Until now.

Class requirements: Your imagination, an A4 spiral bound notebook, a black, a red and a blue pen and your laptop. Complimentary WiFi will be available. If you wish to subscribe to ancestry.com, an additional subscription fee will apply, which is payable by credit card on the night or at your convenience.

Cost: $30 per class, plus the Eventbrite booking fee. Bookings are essential, and no door sales are available.

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm. Classes begin promptly at 7.30pm.

What have some of Writing Class participants said?

‘The workshop made creativity easy.’

‘Geoffrey removed the blocks we set up for ourselves that stop us from doing what we want to do.’

‘It was great looking around the room full of people so happy to see themselves as writers, with new tools and perspectives, and lots of blocks removed.’

‘At first I felt as if I wasn’t taking anything in, but by the end of the second class, without even realising it, I’ve written an outline for a story. Just like that! I’m already starting to think about where this story can go.’

‘I’ve really enjoyed these classes and meeting other aspiring writers. I am looking forward to building more skills for my writing toolkit.’

Class Leader: Geoffrey Williams, Artistic Director, The Laneway Artspace

Geoffrey has written plays, screenplays, newspaper articles, film and theatre reviews, speeches, political campaigns, strategies, marketing material, media releases, and what feels like more than 250,000 emails. He has worked with award-winning filmmakers in script and story development, and has edited over 200 journals, reports, papers and abstracts for his Higher Education visual communication clients. Geoffrey was also the Film Writer for the West Australian Newspaper Group for six years, and is one of the Melbourne-based Theatre Reviewers for Stage Whispers magazine. He was the Editor and Journalist at Sydney’s The Pink Broad newspaper and homo magazine, and he also taught the creative writing stream to Marriage Celebrants training at South Yarra’s Modern Institute of Learning and Education.

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