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Alex Cafe explores the world of the writer… not just authors but screenplay writers, songwriters, poets, in fact, any writer since the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword” was coined. Authors Dick Gross AM and Susan Berg host the show with contributions from poet Hamish Danks Brown and the occasional guest writer for interviews, new releases, and live performances. In this show, the importance of the editor with Jane Yule (editor), Aleksandar Vass OAM talks about Sexersize and theatre and the 2020 Australian Poetry Slam Champion Ren Alessandra. If you like the episode, please share and subscribe to Alex Rocks. To watch programs go to; Episodes are fortnightly! 


Jane Yule Aleksandar Vass OAM

For years, creative types lamented the lack of commercial, ‘Off-Broadway’ style 500 or 350 seat venues in Melbourne. One such person was Aleksandar Vass OAM – an actor, writer, producer and successful businessman.

Alex has profound achievements in global glass manufacture and the Australian arts industry.

A Partner of Guoxin International and the CEO of GlassKote Group, a colour-coating crafted glass brand established in 1962. This business covers more than 60 countries worldwide. He is also the founder and patron of Vass Theatre Group which owns a 3-stage theatre in Melbourne city centre, and he is also a well-known benefactor to local filming production, theatrical production, and the performing arts.

He was therefore awarded the Order of Australia Medal in 2018 for his contribution to the arts and the local community. He is on the boards of the Victorian police Blue Ribbon Foundation and various reputable local educational institutions.…

Ren Alessandra 2020 Australian Poetry Slam Champion Ren is the current Australian Poetry Slam Champion, winning the National Final on the virtual stage on 14 November 2020. Ren is a creative mentor based in Melbourne.

Her work explores her relationship with her femininity and her journey into self-discovery.…

Host: Dick Gross and Susan Berg Producer: Simon Barnett ( Director: Tim Barnett