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This musical theatre piece commemorates Aboriginal elder and human rights activist, William Cooper who led a delegation in 1938 from Footscray to the German Embassy in Collins St Melbourne, to present the only private citizen’s protest to the German government against their persecution of the Jews during Kristallnacht.

On December 6th, 2020, German Chancellor Angela Merkel apologizes officially for the rejection of Cooper’s petition, fully endorsing all of its recommendations as seen in the link for the article below.

In November 2018, to mark the 80th anniversary of this remarkable story, the musical, NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS, was performed at Cathedral Hall, Australian Catholic University with a cast of over 400, including William Cooper’s 90-year-old grandson, Uncle Boydie Turner and survivor from Kristallnacht Munich, Kurt Wildberg.

The success of our 2018 musical piece had inspired Monash University to create a hub for Aboriginal Cultural Studies called the William Cooper Institute;

The 2021 musical retelling the story of William Cooper and the Kristallnacht attacks during the Holocaust, will initially be an online trailer event on February 21st, 2021, followed by a fully online global performance on April 25th, 2021.

The main live event will be in November 2021 in St. Kilda, commemorating 82 years since William Cooper’s protest and thus cementing the Aboriginal/Jewish relationship and this amazing support for social justice and racial tolerance.

Both performances will be a part of S. Kilda Writers’ Week and feature an array of school children, professionals, choirs, amateurs, inter-faith, inter-generational actors, dancers and musicians plus Holocaust Survivors’ testimonies. Celebrity guests from London’s West End and choirs from the Middle East will be involved for our virtual performance. We aim to bring different communities together through the celebration of music theatre, after the past difficult year we have spent apart.

We thank the support of indigenous activist Jack Charles, Kristallnacht survivors Henry Korn and Sarah Saaroni, Honorary Consul-General for Germany Michael Pearce and performers from the company of NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS, as well as the Alex Theatre St Kilda for their outstanding support.

We would appreciate any support that can be offered to make this historically commemorative piece of theatre happen.

See below links for recent interviews from Jewish television program The Shtick with;

Jack Charles

and Henri Korn

Recently our Artistic Director Warren Wills was able to sit down with SBS to discuss the importance of retelling this important historical time in Australian history. The interview can be accessed below;

Please contact Warren Wills for more information or any queries you may have.

0421 604 327