Love Family of Origin Meredith

ALEX THEATRE – 131 Fitzroy St, St Kilda



Meredith Fuller
Meredith Fuller and Brian Walsh present a workshop/short film/audience discussion on LOVE: Family of Origin, tragi-funny stories, predicting who you’ll fall for using theories, how to find a partner, etc.
One of the SKWW 2021 Satellite Workshops, on St Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14th February at 3 PM at The Alex Theatre 131 Fitzroy St., St Kilda.
LOVE: How does your family of origin impact how do you define LOVE, how do you find it | maintain it | deal with bumpy bits?” Includes a short film of people sharing their truths, advice, funny stories, and discussion for the audience.
Some Interviewees include:
Panayiota Karnis

Betrothed at 15, single parent by 28, FROM FISH n CHIP SHOP owner to Family Law Barrister at 50, Panayiota Karnis shares hilarious tales of her arranged marriage, why people want a divorce (including an 80-year-old), and the EXORCIST STORY

Davida and James
n n
DAVIDA, 27, POISON IVY (left) has loved women and men, now with her soulmate James, talks about
what love means.
Gary and Ana
Like Taylor and Burton, 2 ACTORS meet and fall for each other; Gary is tortured about how to respectfully leave his 2nd marriage and And divorcing her first, caring for the 6 children, and many other complications.
Catherine and Tom
What people do wrong on RSVP! This couple had 60 internet dates before meeting each other and proposing to each other on the first date. Now they run a business helping older people find love.
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